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Resources for Teaching Water Safety

Resources for Teaching Water Safety

Do your kids like to go to the beach or pool?

If they do, you might want to share some water safety information with them.

Water safety goes beyond just swimming safety. Depending on your location, it can also involve boating, pool, or beach safety as well.

Below is a list of sites that have resources for teaching children how to be safe in and around the water. On these

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5 Time-Saving Gmail Settings

5 Time Saving Gmail Settings

You aren’t busy, are you?

No. Of course you aren’t. You probably have plenty of time on your hands, right?

Alright. Maybe I’m wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time. But whether you have lots of free time or not, I’m sure you’d love to save time when you’re checking or sending emails, right?

Gmail can help you out there. I’ve found that there are some

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Weather Safety Help

Weather Safety Help

Floods. Tornadoes. Blizzards. Hurricanes.

Whether you live in frigid Minnesota or balmy Florida, you probably have some kind of severe weather. Knowing what to do when bad weather hits is important information for children and adults alike.

Fortunately, there are a handful of websites that offer weather safety information. Some are geared towards

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Javascript Tutorials and Online Resources

Javascript Tutorials

Javascript is the third language that is used in web design. While it isn’t absolutely necessary to master it, having a general idea about how it works, how you can modify pre-existing code, and how to you write your own scripts can help you make a website more interesting.

Unlike the other two languages used in web design, HTML5 and CSS3, Javascript is an actual programming language. It is used to add interactive elements to a site.

Javascript should not be confused with Java. They are two

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Resources for Learning CSS3

Resources for Learning CSS3

After HTML5, the second language to study when learning web design is CSS3.

CSS stands for “Cascading Style Sheets.” Like HTML, it is a markup language, not a coding language. It’s used primarily to dress up the site. It is a huge time-saver when it comes to design because it can be used to give all the pages on a site the same overall look. Without it, you’d have to code in everything on every web page.

There are a handful of sites that can be used

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Learn HTML5 with These Resources

Learn HTML5

If you have a child or teen who wants to learn web design, or if you want to learn it yourself, there are 3 languages that are important to know: HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript.

HTML5 is the first language that should be studied. It’s basically the skeleton of a web page. Contrary to what some people think, it’s actually NOT a programming language. It’s a markup language composed of tags, attributes, and values. In fact, the letters HTML stand for

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Websites with Finger Plays and Hand Games

Finger Plays and Hand Games

Finger plays are fun kinesthetic learning activities for young children. They introduce them to such concepts as rhythm, beat, and rhyme. They can also be used to reinforce learning in other areas including religion, math, and preschool concepts.

For older children, hand games are a popular activity. They also can be used to reinforce musical concepts as well as learning in other areas of the curriculum.

Below is a collection of sites that have finger plays and/or hand games. Most are geared towards preschool age, however, there

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Resources for Teaching Children to Read Music

Resources for Teaching Children to Read Music

Do you have a budding Mozart in your home?

Or do you have a child who wants to play an instrument?

If the answer is “yes” to either of those questions, or if you simply want to teach your children about music, you’ll probably want to teach them how to read music.

What follows is a list of websites that have resources for teaching children (or teens or adults) how to read music. Some of these sites have online games for practicing note reading and others have

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How Big is a Terabyte? Check This Byte Conversion Chart

Byte Conversion Chart

Kilobyte, megabyte Gigabyte, terabyte. Byte. Byte. Byte. Oh how many bytes you sight.

My apologies to Dr. Seuss.

I know that isn’t nearly as good as The Foot Book, but I just couldn’t resist.

I’ll let go of my inner child now and get to the topic at hand, which is bytes.

Do you know how many bits are in a byte? Or how many gigabytes are in a terabyte?

Understanding data storage terminology such as this can help

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How to Check Your Hard Drive Space

hard disk drive

Do you know how much room you have on your computer’s hard drive?

SHOULD you know how much room you have on your hard drive?

I can’t answer the first question for you because I can’t read your mind.

I CAN, however, answer the second one for you and it is a resounding YES!


Because knowing how much hard drive space you have can help you

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