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Our “Mobile School”

Are you afraid of losing valuable school time because you have to travel to appointments or field trips? We’ve developed our own “Mobile School” to take care of that problem. Here are the tools that we use to get school work done when we’re on-the-go.

Lap Desk

Laptops are can get hot and need adequate ventilation, so you should always use them on a lap desk.  This prevents burns on legs. We enjoy the colorful Lapgear lap desks for travelling.  I can color coordinate them for each child.  They also have a nice, soft, cushioned underside which makes it more comfortable for holding a heavy laptop on long trips.

Notebook Mouse

As I said in an earlier post (Notebook Mouse Great for Kids’ Hands), I really love the iHome notebook mouse.  It is very comfortable for the hand and just the right size for younger children.  The smaller size also makes it convenient for taking along in our mobile school.

Clipboard with Storage

We keep a clipboard with storage space in our car at all times.  It’s an indispensable tool.  We use it to store paper and pencils. It’s perfect for doing school work or drawing. It’s handy for putting a shopping list on too.

Laptop Carrying Case or Backpack

Laptops are expensive, so you want to keep them safe from damage while travelling.  I recommend a carrying case or specialized laptop backpack.  They are designed with extra padding to help protect your laptop, especially if it is dropped.  (Your kids would never do that, would they?)  They also have handy storage compartments for a mouse, pens, pencils, or other supplies.


It can be noisy on the road. That can make it hard for your child to hear the recordings on his online school. Headphones are a perfect solution.  I personally like the JVC Flats.  They do a nice job of keeping out external sounds. That makes it easier for your child to hear recordings clearly.

Mobile Hotspot

As I mentioned in my post on internet outages, I sometimes use a mobile hotspot or MiFi.  It is perfect not only for outages, but for travel as well.  It enables me to have internet almost anywhere in the USA.  It also saves me on data usage with my smartphone since I can run my smartphone through it with the Wi-Fi.

Well, that’s it.  Those are the tools for our mobile school.  We’re on our way to a dance hosted by our online school.  It’s 2 hours away, so I’d better pack up.

Many blessings,
P.S. Remember, you can buy the tools I recommend for a “Mobile School” on Amazon below.

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