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Pi Day Activities

pi day

Guess what March 14th is…it’s Pi Day. That’s because the date is 3.14.

How cool is that.

It’s also a great excuse, err I mean reason, to create some wonderful diversions from your virtual school routine. (Diversions are great for preventing burnout)

Here are some fun activities for celebrating that awesome, infinite number…Pi.

Making the Pie

What would Pi Day be without the pie, right? Making a pie is a great activity for kids and teens alike. Cooking is a way for them to see how math used is in daily life. So enjoy making a pie or two or maybe 3.14 like we did.

3.14 pies

3.14 Pies

More Food

You’ve made the pie. That’s for dessert (or breakfast like we did). Now how about throwing in some other circular foods for the rest of the day’s meals. Here are some suggestions.

  • Circular cereal (like the ones whose names end in “os”)
  • Round fruit like oranges or blueberries
  • Bagels with cream cheese or chicken salad or pb&j
  • Sandwiches cut round with cookie cutters (this is a favorite for those kids who don’t like crust)
  • Round crackers with peanut butter or cheese spread or hummus
  • Sliced cucumbers, pickles, or carrots
  • Tortillas
  • Pizza

That should pretty much fill up your day with a set of well-rounded meals. 🙂 Let’s see what else you can do.

Circular Art

Kids can have a lot of fun with circles in art. Household items such as cans, butter tubs, bowls and cups can be used to help your children draw a near perfect circle. Or they can make circles free hand. Here are some projects to make.

A Circle Collage is simple to make. Give your child a 12″x18″ piece of construction paper. This will be the base. Have her cut out circles in a variety of sizes from other construction paper, wallpaper, scrap booking paper, or old magazines. Tell her to arrange them on the large piece of construction paper anyway she likes. She can overlap them, put them in a pattern, or be completely random with them. After they are laid out the way she wants, she can glue them on with a glue stick or white glue. Voila! A work of art in less than an hour.

Older children can make beautiful patterns by drawing circles with a compass. My daughter created the picture below. These lovely mathematical pictures can be left as pencil drawings or be colored in with crayon, colored pencil, or marker.
compass art

A younger child can make a Pie Tin Face with circular objects. Give him a disposable pie tin and some glue. Then supply him with assorted round objects such as pom poms, spools, paper circles, round sequins, buttons, pipe cleaners made into circles, and beads. Let him arrange these objects into facial features and glue them on. Here’s my example. (I’m probably not so artistically inclined as your child)
pie face

Scavenger Hunt

How about letting your kids do a scavenger hunt around your house for circular objects? Just give each child a clipboard, paper, and pencil. Tell them to find as many objects around the house as they can that have circles (no ovals) and write them down.

Let them know that they have to be specific. They can’t just write down lampshade. They have to write down something like “the lampshade on the floor lamp in the living room.”

Objects that are the exactly the same like the soup bowls in your cupboard can only be listed once.

Set a time limit for 15 minutes and let them go. Whoever gets the most right answers wins a prize.

History Connection

There is some interesting trivia related to pi and Pi Day. See if you can find the answers to these questions.

  1. Who was the first person to call the ratio of the perimeter to the diameter of a circle pi?
  2. Which ancient Greek mathematician made the first theoretical calculation of pi?
  3. What day is Einstein’s birthday?
  4. Who created Pi Day?

I’ll put the answers to these on the LearningOnlineBlog Facebook page on Pi Day. Come on by and take a peek.

Did you find this post inspirational? Or at the very least, helpful? Feel free to share it with friends.

Many blessings,

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